Christmas Devotionals 2020

A daily devotional to walk you from December 1st to the 25th.

First Steps for FBC Kids

This discipleship resource for kids 1st-6th will help them understand eternal security, witnessing, and other areas. Be sure to turn in the completed packet to Pastor Heath for a special recognition!

FBC New Believers Guide

Are you new in your walk with Jesus? Or have you been a Christian a while, but have some nagging questions? This 7-step guide is designed to help you understand faith in Christ. Be sure to contact our pastor with questions or once you complete it.

Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Every believer has a spiritual gift (Romans 12:3-8). This Spiritual Gift Inventory is not infallible, but a good opening step to look at your potential gifts and understanding of how they work. Feel free to contact Pastor Heath after taking this to talk about your results or any questions that come up.


Learn about how it all began!


Choose to learn from the wandering of others and avoid your own!


Christians are no longer under the law, but it's nice to know what Jesus freed us from!


No calculators needed, and great stories of Israel's lessons in the desert.


Moses gives his farewell address to Israel as they head into the promised land.


Moses' second-in-command steps up to lead Israel to claim what God has given them.


A series of temporary leaders leads Israel to mixed results.


Ruth is rescued by a Christ-like redeemer. And her sister-in-law wasn't Oprah.

1 Samuel

Israel asks God for a king like other nations have. Be careful what you wish for.

2 Samuel

Learn who this King David guy really was, both good and bad.

1 Kings

The foolish son of a wise king divides Israel into two nations. Rough legacy.

2 Kings

Learn about the kings of the divided kingdoms. Spoiler alert: Israel had a bad run.

1 Chronicles

Get more details on the kingdom King David was attempting to build for God's people.

2 Chronicles

Another look at the kings that followed David and Solomon to the downfall of Israel.


Israel returns from exile to re-establish themselves as one nation, under God.


Pastor Heath's favorite OT book. A first person account of rebuilding Jerusalem's walls.


This book never directly mentions God, and yet His fingerprints are all over it.


With friends like these, who needs enemies!


The songbook of Israel. No singing required!


Do you want to live stupid? Then don't read this book.


The Beatles favorite book of the Bible...probably.

Song of Solmon

The book pastors rarely preach on, and kids giggle at when they read.


A promise of God's judgement on Israel's idolatry, and His later restoration for them.


"The Weeping Prophet" makes clear the coming defeat to the Babylonians.


A book of grief over the destruction of Jerusalem.


A message given through a Jewish prophet already taken captive in Babylon.


Lover of God, vegetables, and not being eaten by lions.


God uses a bad marriage to show His willingness to restore unfaithful people.


Judah is in danger of destruction unless they repent.


A message to Israel to reject idols or go into exile. Seeing a theme yet?


Proof that you can read an entire book of the Bible in less than 5 minutes.


Everyone talks about the big fish. Read about the other stuff that happened!


A message against Judah on idolatry, and a beautiful picture of restoration.


Apparently the repentance of Ninevah was short-lived.


Habakkuk: "Things are really bad." God: "Hang in there kid. I'm working."


A promise of judgement and restoration for the people of Israel.


The people obey God's command to rebuild the temple.


A prophecy of Jerusalem's future glory, especially the arrival of a great future King!


Promises mean something, so keep them!


A gospel for Jewish audiences with many Old Testament references.


A shorter gospel for those with short attention spans or who didn't grow up in church!


The favorite gospel of Linus and all who enjoy the detailed story of Christmas!


A gospel account from Jesus' closest disciple.


Luke's important second book of the Bible that shows the powerful move of God in the early church by the Holy Spirit well beyond the borders of Israel.


A deeper explanation on how the righteousness of Christ comes to unrighteous people. Many scriptures used for personal evangelism come through this book.

1 Corinthians

The young Corinthian church was nearly destroyed by various controversies. Paul writes this letter to set them straight on various aspects of church, leadership, and worship.

2 Corinthians

Paul writes an encouraging followup letter on examining and strengthening our faith.


Paul's letter to the Galatians warns us against legalism in our spiritual lives. We live by grace, not by rules!


Salvation isn't about how hard you work, but how hard Jesus worked.


Paul wrote this letter of joy...from jail! What's your excuse for refusing joy?


Christianity is a Christ first life. Anything less leads us to deception.

1 Thessalonians

One of Paul's earliest letters emphasizing the importance living as disciples and helping others to become disciples of Jesus.

2 Thessalonians

Need a comeback in your spiritual life? Paul's second letter to this church encourages them to not give up even after a spiritual failure!

1 Timothy

Pastor Timothy wasn't only a shepherd, but a sheep. We're reminded in this leadership letter to examine ourselves and not just those we lead.

2 Timothy

Quitting is easy. Paul encourages Timothy to remember he's been saved, equipped, and called to fulfill a call from God...just like you.


Jesus saved us from rules, not for them. Paul encourages Pastor Titus to remind believers that personal preference isn't more important than biblical truth.


Got a broken relationship in your life? This short, one-page letter has an answer for that!